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Nurse Delegation


The Nurse Delegation Training may be completed through PRN as either as a 9 hour Self-Study Course (Type: NDSS), or as a 10 hour Continuing Education Course (Type: CEND).

Registration for Nurse Delegation Self-Study:

To register for the 9 hour Nurse Delegation Self-Study Course (Type: NDSS), PRN must receive approval from the Home Care Agency, Adult Family Home or Facility Supervisor. Review the listing of courses at the bottom of this page, and then select Add to cart.

Please note that attendees are required to pass the state's standard test for Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Don't hesitate to call the PRN training department at 253-617-7715 x3 for additional information.

Registration for Nurse Delegation as Continuing Education:

Nurse Delegation may also be taken as a 10 hour Continuing Education Classroom Course (Type: CEND). It is recommended that only those home care workers who expect to perform nursing tasks delegated by a Registered Nurse under the state's Nurse Delegation Program, register for this Continuing Education Course. In order to receive a certificate of completion and CE credits, attendees must pass the "Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants" exam which is administered at the end of this class.


The Nurse Delegation curriculum and tests will not be translated and the state will not pay for interpreters for the course or testing. According to the nursing assistants standards in WAC 246-841-400(6), the nursing assistant must “use communication skills effectively in order to function as a member of the nursing team”, which means he/she would need to read, write, speak and understand English.

Student Guide:
Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants.pdf

No future Nurse Delegation Classes are currently scheduled.

We may be scheduling additional Nurse Delegation training on an as needed basis, so please contact the PRN Training Department for additional details.

PRN, Inc.
253-617-7715 x3

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