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What is a Podcast?

In direct response to requests from our valued customers, PRN is pleased to announce that selected Continuing Educations trainings may be soon be available as a Podcast, which are downloable files. These files may be played from your computer or copied over to a mobile audio/video device, such as an ipod. Podcasts may be available in MP3, WMV or AVI formats, depending upon the subject.

First, Set up a User Account:

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to set up a user account in order to obtain access to the secure Podcast files. Just click on Register in the upper right corner of this page. Enter your preferred username and your primary email address. If you already have an account with Paypal, then please use the email address associated with your Paypal account. Then just Login with your new username and password. You can then return to this page by selecting Podcasts from the Main menu.

Next, Select the Desired Course:

Now check the listing at the bottom of this page for courses currently available in Podcast format.

Once you've chosen a course, simply select Add to cart.

You can pay for your CE podcast by credit card or money order. Private Pay Home Care Agencies and Adult Family Homes that have an established business checking account may select the pay by check option. Be sure to include a copy of your order with your money order or check when you mail it to PRN at the following address:

PRN, Inc.
Attn: Training Dept.
10828 Gravelly Lake Dr SW, Suite 201
Lakewood, WA  98499

Please allow 1 to 2 business days after your check has been received at the PRN office for your files to become available for download.

How to Download a Podcast

Notification that your account is ready will be sent to the email address provided when you registered for and purchased the CE podcast training.

From the home page of, Log In, select My account, then select the Files tab. You should find a listing of the files available for download. Please note that some of these files may be quite large and may take considerable time to download, depending upon the speed of your internet connection. Also, please remember that you don't need to download all the files at once, since you won't be able to listen to them all at the same time! Just download one or two at a time, view or listen to the files, and then download another one or two when you're ready for another batch.

Be sure to download and listen/view the files in the order presented by the author. Just left-click on the File column to automatically place the files in the correct order for download. For example, the DCEVL (Download) course order would be:

CVL Introduction.mp3
CVL Unit 1 - Eye Opener.mp3
CVL unit 7 - Your Point of View.mp3

Complete the Course Quiz

That's right: there's a quiz at the end. 

Once you've finished viewing and/or listening to your Podcast training, select Resources, which may be found in the Navigation menu. Then select CE CVL Quiz. Now simply answer the questions, then select Submit. Your quiz will be sent automatically to the PRN Training Dept for grading and processing. A passing score is considered to be 80% or higher.

We will review your quiz as soon as possible, and will mail a Certificate of Completion to your address of record. If your mailing address is different from the address used when purchasing your podcast, please let the PRN Training Dept know at If you'd like to have a copy of your Certificate of Completion faxed or emailed to you, please just ask! (253-617-7715 x3, or Email)

Course Evaluation

Now - it's your turn to grade us! 

Just left-click on the CE CVL Evaluation link in the Navigation menu. It's located just under the CE CVL Quiz link described above. If you would please take just a moment or two to evaluate your podcast authors and the course materials as well as the PRN staff, we would sure appreciate it. Also, please don't hesitate to share your ideas on how the training might be improved, and what other subject areas you'd like to see offered as Continuing Education.

At PRN, we never forget that...


Thank you for choosing PRN. It's our pleasure to serve you.

Courses Currently Available in Podcast Format

DCECVL (Download)

CE: COPING WITH VISION LOSS in downloadable mp3 format.

(Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing of payment. Downloadable
files will be made available within the user's account after payment processing
is complete.)

10 hour CE Credit

The purpose of this class is to impart the skills and insights needed to effectively and respectfully interact with a person who is blind or who has low vision.  Whether you are a care provider, family member, or friend of a person with vision loss, you’ll learn coping, communicating and caregiving techniques that will make life a little easier for everyone.  We’ll focus on the many tools and technologies that can be used to improve access, we’ll explore myths and stereotypes associated with blindness, and we’ll talk about ways to adapt the home or work environment for better, barrier-free living.  Discover ingenious tips and tricks that will empower anyone coping with vision loss!

This class is offered as a downloable podcast only.

**You need to be a Registered User in order to use the check out feature.**

Downloadable Introduction Coping with Vision Loss.

Attendee's First Name
Attendee's Last Name
Format: 09/28/2021
Date of Birth: needed to determine CE Training due date.
Last 4 digits of Social Security Number to help properly identify Attendees who share the same name.

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