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Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants: Special Focus on Diabetes is a 3-hour self study that is the first step in preparing a nursing assistant (registered or certified) to perform insulin injections as a delegated task. Nursing assistants must have successfully completed the 9-hour course above before taking the Special Focus on Diabetes training.

Once you have completed the self study, you must pass a written test. Once you pass the written test, you will take the next step in preparing to perform insulin injections and work one-on-one with a RN delegator. The RN delegator will provide hands-on skill training and supervision related to performing an insulin injection.

Other caregivers who are not nursing assistants (registered or certified) can take this course for 3 hours of Continuing Education credit.

No Classes Currently Scheduled

There are no Special Focus on Diabetes classes currently scheduled. These courses are often scheduled on an as needed basis. Please contact Anita Saunders at: 253-617-7715 x304, or, for additional information.

Thank you.

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