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75 hour Caregiver Basic Training:

As of January 7th, 2012, home care workers are required to complete a total of 75 hours of Caregiver Basic Training. The training components often breakdown into the following:

Orientation: 2 hours provided by employer.

    Safety Training: 3 hours also provided by employer.

      Core Basic Training: A 24 hour block of on-line instruction that is the foundation of the program.

        Skills & Testing: 24 hours (3 days) of in-class, hands-on Skills practice and Testing.

          Population Specific Training: 10 hours Dementia, 6 hours Mental Health, 6 hours Developmental Disabilities for a subtotal of 22 hours. A listing of available courses may be found in the Navigation menu.

            Together, the above training totals 75 hours to meet Washington State's DSHS standards. Once you've identified the class of interest, be sure to enter the Attendee's First and Last Names, as well as the last 4 digits of the Attendee's Social Security Number. This will help to properly identify records for Attendees who share the same name.

            Also, please check the ADSA website for the most current information regarding implementation, exemptions and new requirements.

            Home Care Aide Certification Practice Test

            The Home Care Aide Certification written and hands-on skills tests are proving to be a challenge for many caregivers. And sometimes, there can be a significant delay from the time a caregiver completes their training, and the time they take the Home Care Aide Certification Test administered by the Department of Health. In order to help caregivers be better prepared for the test, PRN is offering a Certification Practice Test.

            The Certification Practice Test consists of 1 day (8 hours) of testing and review that will help the caregiver identify those areas where they need to focus their studies. Caregivers will have the opportunity to complete both written and hands-on skills testing with an ADSA approved instructor, and then review those areas that need further study and practice. Caregivers will also receive written results of their testing to take with them.

            Home Care Agencies can request to have their employee test results submitted directly to their office.

            For a listing of scheduled Certification Practice Test dates, Click Here.

            IMPORTANT LINKS:

            Inititive 1163: The initiative responsible for the increased training requirements.

            Overview of Changes: An ADSA document regarding changes related to implementation of i-1163.

            New Training Requirements: An ADSA PowerPoint presentation.

            Home Care Aide Certification Requirements: A Department of Health PowerPoint Presentation.

            Home Care Aide Testing Requirements: A Prometric PowerPoint Presentation.

            Exemptions: Listing of Long Term Care Workers who are exempt from the new training requirements.

            Prometric Website: A link to information booklets, skills checklists, Candidate Exam Application Forms and a practice test demo.

            Continuing Education, Nurse Delegation and other options:

            Please select the desired type of training from the list to the left, under the Navigation menu.

            New CE Requirements Begin 7/1/2012

            DSHS must approve all curriculum and instructors for CE, required CE hours increase to 12 hours per year, and CE must be completed by the worker's birthday, not the end of the year.

            Off-line Registration Form: 

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